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What should you expect from your first class?


Starting anything new can often be scary or nerve-wracking. Especially something that involves going out in public wearing something that looks like pajamas!

Rest assured that we've all been there before and have come out better because of it. Practicing a martial art is a great way to exercise and build self-confidence at the same time. We teach children and adults, not only how to defend themselves, but also when to do so appropriately.

For your first class, you'll want to wear something comfortable that you can move and stretch in. Don't worry about uniforms. If you decide Tang Soo Do is for you, uniforms will come later.  The only other thing you'll need to start is an open mind!

With Tang Soo Do being a traditional Korean martial art, we use a bow-in and bow-out ceremony spoken in Korean to start and end our classes. This is led by a senior student and you will be able to follow along. In time, you'll get to learn many things in the Korean language.

We try to have fun in classes but also respect our traditional lineage. We teach our students discipline and respect and strive to improve the whole person, not just the physical self.

We hope you come and join us and have the opportunity to experience many of the great things that training in Tang Soo Do can provide!

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